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Tournament Calendar (2017)

Moderator:  fallingstar

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Tournament Calendar (2017)

Postby  prv_limb » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:59 am

List of tournaments (2017)

International tournaments
     RTS League Season 3903-10-201626-02-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Masters of Arabia 2v2$80014-11-201612-03-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     DM Rising Star 2$40004-12-201616-04-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     The Legacy Cup DM 2v2$1,00005-12-201612-03-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Aspiring Pro: Random Maps13-01-201712-03-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     EGC #1: Strike the Balance$1,80030-01-201721-05-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Europe 3v3$1,00020-02-201709-04-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Arena Battlegrounds (HD)20-03-201723-04-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Gladiators of the Arena$1,22627-03-201711-06-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     RTS League Season 4024-04-201717-09-2017ForumAnnouncement
     Freedom Cup (HD)22-05-201709-07-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Slightly Random (HD)22-05-201716-07-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Badlands Masters12-06-201723-07-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
     SY (china) Nations Cup 2017$33,00019-06-201703-09-2017ForumAnnouncement
Weekend tournaments (recurring series)
     T90 Series
          Rise of the Rajas: Capture The Relic$25008-01-201708-01-2017AnnouncementFinished
          T90 Series #6 - slam vs DauT$22529-01-201729-01-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          T90's Regicide Rumble #2$17024-02-201724-02-2017AnnouncementFinished
          Gods and Mortals: Capture The Relic$13009-04-201709-04-2017AnnouncementCancelled
     Escape Gaming
          Escape Gaming Masters #1$3,00020-01-201722-01-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Escape Gaming Masters #2$3,00010-02-201712-02-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Return of the Kings$5,00018-02-201719-02-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Elimination Draft$1,00017-03-201719-03-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Clash of the Casters23-04-201723-04-2017AnnouncementFinished
          AoE All-Stars$3,00024-04-201702-07-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          GoatBet Series - TheViper vs slam27-05-201727-05-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Escape Euro Cup$6,00003-07-201727-08-2017ForumAnnouncement
     Hippo Series
          Clash of the Hippo 3$50025-02-201726-02-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Elimination of the Hippo$35001-04-201702-04-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
          Elimination of the Hippo 2$35026-05-201727-05-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
Weekend tournaments (non-recurring series)
     Continental War$20004-02-201704-02-2017AnnouncementFinished
Clan tournaments (internal)
     The Clone Wars: Season 3 (TheJedi)03-04-201702-07-2017ForumFinished
Regional tournaments
      Dutch 1v1 Cup02-01-201712-03-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
      Master of Monegros23-01-201730-04-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
      Aussie Open20-02-201716-04-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished
      Torneo Nacional Español 2017$8001-05-201725-06-2017AnnouncementFinished
      2017 Bull King Cup (牛魔王杯)$5,00010-04-201728-05-2017AnnouncementFinished
      Chilean Cup 201715-05-201718-06-2017AnnouncementFinished
      Mexican Cup 1st Edition$20022-05-201706-08-2017ForumFinished
      Argeking Cup$30029-05-201702-07-2017ForumAnnouncementFinished

This list will be updated regularly, if I missed a tournament or you want your tournament added, send me a Private Message.
For any question, comments or general discussion, please use this topic.
Website with all week numbers listed with the respective dates.
Thanks to robo and pumukel for their help and support creating the list.
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